Hi, I'm Federica!

Hi I’m Federica!

I was born in Naples in 1987. I have coffee flowing in my veins and a strong Neapolitan soul.  I am strongly linked to my land and to my origins, even though I feel I belong to the whole world.  I love Asia, Asian people and Buddhism. I love traveling, as soon as I can I prepare my backpack and leave.

I am a greedy constantly on a diet, I love white chocolate and pizza, strictly Neapolitan. I love simple things, I like habits and routine, but I am one with head shots.

My motto is “let you go“.

I am precise, determined and solar. I look tough, actually I’m very sensitive. At every wedding I got emotional. I hide the tears behind the camera, the only place where I feel safe. I abandoned after 9-year course of study and a specialization in Nutrition degree to live of photography.

I love weddings.

I love the emotions of the newlyweds, the unpredictability of people, I love tears, deep looks, intertwined hands, the warmth of families, strong hugs, children who run and get dirty, grandparents who fall asleep.

federica ariemma

Choosing a photographer is a hard task, I know.

With so many talented creatives out there, it all comes down to – can you see yourself in my images?

Grab a glass of wine and dive in.

I try to tell every story in a simple, natural and elegant way, as I feel it and live it.

I simply let myself be carried away by emotions and by the day, without directing it or modifying the natural course of events.

I like to think that my story will be a memory forever in someone’s life. I love this job because, in reality, for me it’s not a job and, as someone says: “love your job and you’ll never work a day of your life”.