Photographic associations or even family, colleagues, friends, shoulders to cry on, outstretched hands and hugs. This for me means "photographic association".

Photographic associations: the importance of being part of it

Associazioni fotografiche

The photographic associations you have to live them!
It is in that moment that you perceive the importance of being part of it. It is not enough to simply pay the annual fee, you have to participate, get involved and overwhelmed.

Personally I am a member of several associations, many of which are dedicated to photographic contests, but not only. I will talk about these in a future article, more specific and related to contests.

Now I would like to focus on what for me is the only association that is really worth joining, regardless of the contests.


ANFM - Italian association of wedding photographers is the acronym. I would add “not only…”.

I owe the growth of recent years and my breakthrough to ANFM. Participating in the various annual events allowed me to compare myself with many colleagues and meet big names in the world of photography.

By starting to question myself and my photographs, analyzing and studying them, I have seen my work change enormously.

ANFM is a wonderful reality, of friends, colleagues who often quarrel, like two lovers, but ready to help each other in times of need.

It guarantees continuous training, with monthly meetings with great photographers, webinars, an annual convention, annual contests whose analysis has been fundamental for my growth.

Of fundamental importance is the weight of an association with a high number of members in the political landscape. Anfm has always moved in this regard, struggling to define the role of the wedding photographer as a professional.
In this case being many allows you to have a greater weight and you become part of a group that moves to represent goods for the category.

Covid19 and photographic association

Associazioni fotografiche

“PANDEMIC”, what a horrible word.
We had read it in books but no one would ever have imagined it could happen.

Nor would a photographer with a VAT number ever have imagined not being able to work or not knowing when to start their wedding season.

Especially how does one deal with a pandemic?
What do you say to the customer?
What is written in the contract?

If I hadn't been part of ANFM, I would have felt alone and abandoned, I wouldn't have really known what to do.

In recent months, however, we have strengthened, supported and given courage, but above all we have exchanged a lot of useful information on private Facebook groups reserved for members.

The association's lawyer has prepared us to face all the problems that a pandemic could raise.

We all studied and analyzed the situation together. Ad hoc events have been created to take advantage of this time of imprisonment and dedicate it to training.

Associazioni fotografiche

In conclusione ANFM è stata una garanzia in questi anni, mi ha aiutato a crescere, ma soprattutto mi ha salvata in una situazione insolita come una pandemia.


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