The list of phrases to never say to a photographer is very long.

Among these the one that is most often repeated to us is “I'm not photogenic!”.

There are many who believe they are not photogenic, especially if the yardstick is selfies, often taken too closely or in poor or incorrect light conditions. A beautiful face can be unsightly if photographed incorrectly. There are specific techniques to ensure that what is "portrayed" in the photo is pleasant to the eye of the beholder.

A good photographer is able to not highlight physical defects and put the subject at ease in front of the camera. In a short time he is able to understand the best light, the right distance from the subject, the position they must take and what to value. So that even those who have always hated being photographed believing they are not photogenic, recognize themselves in a shot and appreciate it. This is why we photographers insist on suggesting that you always rely on a professional and not your friend or relative on duty.

A professional will not make you feel embarrassed with a camera pointed in your face for 12h, he will be able to advise you on the best pose, or move in order to enhance your strengths and hide your weaknesses, to the point that you will no longer notice. to be photographed. The best photos are those in which the subject does not realize they are framed. If you really want to take a selfie or have someone take a picture of you, here are some tips that can help you improve your shots:

Evitate la posa frontale davanti alla macchina fotografica. Il vero trucco per dimezzare la figura è ruotare leggermente il busto, quasi di tre quarti. Mettete una gamba davanti all’altra, spostando il peso sul fianco che rimane arretrato. A figura intera, è meglio essere inquadrati dal basso;

Per far apparire più sottile il viso, allungate leggermente la testa in avanti;

To disguise the double chin, on the other hand, keep the tongue pressed under the palate;

Per i primi piani è meglio essere inquadrati dall’alto.