Contest: for some time the subject of numerous discussions among wedding photographers. Many attribute it a misleading role, accusing those who participate, others consider it simply a game.


By contest we mean a contest, a race, a competition, personally I participate for the game!

I consider them a good way to compare myself with other colleagues from all over the world, but above all to get involved by receiving criticism and suggestions.

I am a member of several sites and the one I am currently following closely is Mywed.

I talked to you in a previous blog article (you can find it here) of Mywed.


I had also previously talked to you about ANFM (find the article here) and now I would like to highlight the substantial difference with other associations I belong to here.

I am a member of:
1) WPJA;
2) Mywed;
4) This is reportage;
5) You rock photographers.

All these associations are mostly foreign. They welcome photographers from all over the world and mainly set up contests on a seasonal basis.

Some provide through their website, podcasts and a blog full of articles, but all far from what ANFM is, which instead gathers photographers from all over Italy and has the fundamental purpose of sharing and uniting, then proposes contests.


The associations of which I am a member are just some of the most important on the world scene.

Providing a paid subscription, for which I preferred to make a selection.

As I said, they are for me a game and a means of evaluating whether what I create is pleasing only to me or to others as well.

Contests do not bring any added value to my clients, but they allow me to become part of a new community made up of those who usually take part in them. With the passage of time we end up knowing many of us and confronting each other.

Some of these associations are also search sites for foreign brides, but the number of requests I receive is still very low.


In conclusion, as far as I'm concerned, I think it's worth signing up and trying to participate. Getting an award or not shouldn't be a priority, even if it's a great satisfaction (you can find my awards here).