L'impegno a Positano è ormai un classico dei turisti stranieri intenti a trascorrere qualche giorno esplorando la Costiera Amalfitana. Positano con spiagge di ciottoli e stradine strette e scoscese è il paese più famoso della costiera, macabra ed affollatissima. Silenziosa e tranquilla ai tempi del Covid-19.

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Engagement in the time of Covid-19

In other times we would not have thought of an engagement in Positano in July, in the middle of the summer holidays, with a scorching heat walking up and down in search of a corner free from tourists to take some photos. In time of Covid-19 we didn't think twice. On the one hand it was sad to see the empty streets and shops, on the other hand it was wonderful to be able to take advantage of so many points that we had never been able to access.

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Gemma and Luca of Italian origins, living in London choose to spend a few days around the Amalfi Coast. Photographers for passion, they move away from their style of dark and gothic tones to approach the colors of Positano. They entrust us with the story of their young quarantine engagement. Skilled in the pose and at ease in front of the camera make it very easy for us. We just had to choose different compositions and angles that we had never had available and free from tourists.

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They choose black for their engagement in Positano while maintaining their style, in contrast with the party of colors all around. We start shooting in the early afternoon and continue until sunset, exploring the village perched on the mountain. We choose to use prisms and mirrors, but above all to contextualize the story and to highlight the strong contrast between the couple and the country that hosted their engagement.

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Some photographs were winners of the contest Diamond WPJA

Photos Federica Ariemma + Matteo Lomonte

Video: Federica Ariemma