Wedding at Christmas. Have you ever thought about the magic of a wedding in a Christmas atmosphere? It is not only one of the most romantic times of the year, but it is also very convenient from an organizational point of view. The more daring also choose the New Year to celebrate to the fullest.

Matrimonio a Natale

Bride dress

You could choose a romantic wedding dress with long sleeves, but also sleeveless. For the wedding that Matteo and I shot last December in Matera under a very romantic snowstorm, the bride chose a low-cut, sleeveless dress with the addition of a short cape

Also for a wedding in December you can range with themed accessories, with the colors of red or bordoux, perhaps choose dresses for bridesmaids or ladies in these colors.


Organizing a wedding in December doesn't necessarily mean having to use Christmas-style decorations, even if for many couples the charm of getting married in this month is precisely in the festive theme. If you want to avoid red and green for decorations, you might prefer winter colors such as white, gold and silver.

For the bouquet you can choose white anemones and amaryllis, or cotton flowers, pine cones and calla lilies together with a riot of berries and leaves.

To decorate the location you can choose lots of greenery, branches and berries that add volume, create magic and cost less than exotic and out of season flowers.

Advantages of marriage in December

Matrimonio a Natale

Even for economic reasons, a wedding in "low season" can be a very intelligent choice because sometimes it guarantees halved waiting lists and more affordable prices for the locations and greater availability on the part of the organizers who will have more time and energy to take care of your ceremony. down to the smallest detail.

Surely, a winter ceremony will also prove beneficial in terms of originality. The winter months, thanks also to the holiday period, allow you to take advantage of more particular decorations that are inspired by the warm Christmas atmosphere, the splendor of the ice crystals, the lights and the fun of New Year's parties.