Who has never seen the movie "Sooner or Later I Get Married" with Jennifer Lopez as a wedding planner ?. When in her lilac suit and the earphone in her ear, she co-ordinates the backstage of a wedding from afar. And who has never wondered what the role of a wedding planner is?

It is commonly believed that she is involved in bows, arranging flowers and making drawings. Or at least that's what Instagram shows us. In reality, the wedding planner is anything but the creative of the situation, in fact I would say not only. The English word "planner" literally means "planning".

From Wikipedia: "A person who is in charge of planning and administering a couple's wedding together with the couple." From what I have been able to ascertain while working on it is that in many cases it can be the salvation of marriage, but in many others, it causes countless problems. As in all fields, especially those in which there is no register or regulations, there are improvised or abusive ones.

Installation in the photos by Giusy D’Ambrosio

And above all thanks to Instagram, where the rule of appearing is in force, many think that exhibiting some photographs of events, sometimes also of others, gives them the definition of a wedding planner.

This is evident in many professions.
In fact, I always invite couples to be wary of improvised friends and relatives.

I suggest focusing on choosing a professional who knows how to deal with unexpected events, solve problems, who can offer the best choices, always putting the customer's interest in the foreground.

Installation in the photos by Giusy D’Ambrosio

If we reflect, the photographer is the professional figure closest to the wedding planner. She follows the spouses from the beginning of their planning and follows them for a whole year. He knows and evaluates many suppliers, often becoming the reference point for many spouses. But we are not wedding planners!

However, we know what it means to do a lot of work that is not there for everyone to see, not demonstrable with photographs and Instagram stories of any kind. But a job that the spouses can tell about. Just ask a couple who relied on a qualified wedding planner or one who had to deal with the unexpected on their wedding day instead of a person who paid but did not have the experience and skills.

Allestimenti nelle foto a cura di Claire Clarke

You may wonder at this point if they are among those who hate wedding planners. No, absolutely no! If you can make my work easier and lighter, then come on. Unfortunately, however, it has often happened to me to work with those who called themselves such and they really created many problems for me, hindering my work, slowing down the times and whose only purpose was to appear on social networks to make bows.

In that case I side with those who prefer to do without it.
I forgot ... You pay for quality, but to receive quality it is always worth it!

5 useful tips on how to choose a wedding planner?

  1. Verify that the wedding planner being analyzed has a VAT number and requires the couple to sign a contract to define the engagement;
  2. Ability to analyze a portfolio of events made over the years, without stopping at a single shot but trying to evaluate a work in its entirety and complexity;
  3. Find yourself in the style of a wedding planner, taking into account that each project must be studied and implemented according to the requests of the spouses and never the same as others;
  4. The wedding planner must provide all the information on the project, perhaps present sketches, moodboards, floor plans, budget plans, relations with suppliers, etc .;
  5. Choose the wedding planner with whom you feel most comfortable, the one with whom you empathize from the first meeting.


Installation in the photos by Giusy D’Ambrosio. Grazie Viviana Marfè di Blin Eventi per il contributo al testo di questo articolo.