Restarting marriages and provision of a 2020 spouses bonus seem to be the items on the agenda for those hoping to plan their wedding after Covid 19.

Love in the time of covid19. This marriage "has nothing to do". Or rather it must be postponed! There are about 60,000 wedding ceremonies in Italy that have been skipped due to the Coronavirus emergency. But from 8 June last in Campania and shortly after in Puglia, the celebrations that saw the two regions at the forefront resume. But 90% of the ceremonies have been postponed to 2021. 

Economic collapse

The crisis generated by Covid 19 caused the collapse of turnover and upset the balance sheets of companies and cooperatives, involving over 80 thousand companies. A sector that employs one million people between direct and indirect. It also includes a large slice of international presence with the many foreigners who have often shown great interest in coming to get married in our country as a confirmation Asso-eventi. The Wedding sector contributes a lot to the economy of our country. There is talk of more than 5 billion euros with a very vast professional sector, which at the moment does not know how and when to start again and how to survive. Despite the importance of the sector, it does not seem to have been considered at all. moreover, it is one of the most penalized sectors because it was the first to be totally prohibited. The lockdown has stopped all the work of a year of planning, programming and investments that involves an entire national sector that organizes about 195 thousand weddings a year, 10 thousand destination weddings, an incalculable number of public and private events. The wedding sector recorded a 100% drop in turnover.

Ripartenza dei matrimoni e bonus sposi 2020 (2)


A little less than a month after the green light from the presidents of the regions, the marriage situation seems to have reversed. Several limitations were initially foreseen. Guests, witnesses and photographers with masks, with the exception of the spouses during the ceremony, obliged to stay two meters away from the celebrant and after having all been subjected to temperature measurement and hand sanitization. Spaces have been reorganized to ensure that the distance between the participants is maintained, ensuring that the seating arrangement respects the interpersonal distance of at least one and a half meters.

But have these limitations been really respected to the letter? Are weddings still a time of joy and celebration or a day of fear and limitations?

Many couples of future spouses can return to smile and plan their big day for 2020. In addition to the permission of the celebration of both religious and civil rite, even celebrations are no longer prohibited, as long as they are carried out with adequate security measures. The restart of weddings gives young couples hope, such as location owners, wedding planners, photographers and all professionals in the sector. Recovery is certain. 

The bonus

L’INPS INPS guarantees economic aid for couples who have decided to get married this year. In fact, the "spouses 2020 bonus" can be requested by numerous categories of workers and the amount can be spent after getting married. In reality it can also be requested by widowers and divorcees. One of the basic requirements, however, is to have a regular employment contract for at least a week. It also seems that the amount that can be requested is equivalent to about 8 working days, although some decisions on the matter have yet to be updated by the Government.

Ripartenza dei matrimoni e bonus sposi 2020 (4)

In short, young couples can get married again, they can also resume organizing the reception and they also have the opportunity to request some financial aid. 

Enjoy F.