“Workflow” is a word we wedding photographers hear in every workshop. Eventually I decided to build my own. I use the elements that made all the work easier.


Workflow: what is it?

"Workflow" or "workflow" is the electronic management of work processes through the interaction between the various actors involved, in the form of information exchange.
A word widely used in digital marketing, which has now also landed among wedding photographers.

Wedding photographers need to organize their workload and make it as usable as possible. Above all to produce in the shortest possible time.

Here comes the need to devise a system that, with or without the aid of automation, allows you to organize the incoming and outgoing workflow.

Workflow: advantages


Why create your own workflow or workflow?

Here are some benefits that may make you think about why to design one:

- speed of carrying out activities;
- less total execution time;
- less dead and operational times;
- management of the progress of individual activities;
-process optimization;
- less useless and unnecessary activities;
- higher productivity;
- less waste;
- better collaboration between different company functions.

To summarize I would use the phrase "more productivity, in less time".

My workflow


I started thinking in these terms when the annual workload increased. Especially having to manage not only many weddings, but also social networks and this blog.

So I tried to organize my work, arriving today at a speed that is the envy of many colleagues.

I will not stay here to bore everyone with the story of my workflow, from when I met the couple to when I give them the wedding album.

In the meantime, I invite you to stay tuned to my channels. In the next few days I will reveal an idea that could be useful to many colleagues.

What I can tell you is the use of three elements that have helped to save me a lot of time:

-AGENDA: it allows me to take note of ideas, thoughts and projects, but above all to create a daily to-do list (I'll talk about it here);
-EXCEL: I have created an excel file in which I enter all the data of the requests I receive in a year. It gives me the opportunity to analyze my growth and make improvements;
TRELLO: which I told you about here.

Try to use these 3 systems. I look forward to seeing you in private for more succulent details of a system that is still being modified but certainly already very effective.


All pics of this article are from Unsplash.com