zaino per Cuba

Parola chiave: leggerezza!

Our backpack for Cuba was made bearing in mind that we would have faced a 25-day trip, 4 flights, 5 trips, with not exactly comfortable means. Our priority? lightness! This is why the decision to use only one backpack for Matteo and me that would guarantee the safety of our equipment. We therefore decided to bring a camera each. Matteo started with his Sony alpha9 and I with the Sony alpha7iii.

Initially we had thought of bringing only one Zeiss 35mm f / 1.4 each, the ideal lens for a reportage. It would have allowed us to shoot even in low light conditions without a tripod and without having to raise the ISO too much. It is an optic that I love but which often requires close contact with the subject, which is not always possible while traveling. So we opted for a second lens, the Sony 24-70mm f / 2.8 G-master. We didn't want to miss wide-angle shots or zoom in when we physically couldn't. So our backpack had two camera bodies and three optics.

We had plans to make videos so we added an Osmo Pocket. Very small light and super efficient. Matteo has always kept it tied to the loops of his trousers so as to have it ready for use. We also knew that we were going to spend a week at the sea and that we would certainly go snorkeling. So our friend Vito Cavone has put at our disposal the Osmo Action, which with its yellow float allowed us to swim on the surface of the water in the waves and bring home the memory of a magical coral reef.

I am particularly fond of zaino that we used. He has kept me company during all my long travels around the world and bears the marks of it. It could not be missing even in Cuba. I find it very convenient because it is divided into two parts, separated by a hinge. The lower one is equipped with padding to protect the equipment, the upper one has plenty of space to put everything we would need during the trip. It also has 5 external pockets in which I have stored 4 spare batteries, two battery chargers, one Sony and one Patona and our two SD card holders. We use Sandisk PRO cards. We had many and different capacities, but we used 128GB in one slot and either a 64GB or a 32GB in the other. This backpack is very useful especially at the airport as at the time of the checks it is enough to open it halfway to show the equipment.

During the day, we toured the cities with a small and cheap Quechua backpack, in which we kept the essentials, including water, handkerchiefs, Lonley Planet, Quechua raincoats and waterproof silicone shoe covers (never used, we will keep them for some unfortunate marriage). With the single shoulder strap of Bearloga Hardness we walked about 15 km a day without feeling the weight of the camera, without having our hands busy and without making the equipment the object in good life that would have classified us as tourists and frightened many Cubans.
Ho fatto tanti viaggi itineranti ed ho imparato a portare con me l’essenziale, ad essere leggera e pronta ad affrontare qualsiasi situazione.


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