The best of wedding 2020 is closing a circle, wanting to archive a year that is passing away and this year needs to be closed in a drawer more than ever. 

I worked hard on it and I wanted to do it alone because I needed to repeat this journey backwards and have confirmation that it was still worth it.

In the best of wedding 2020 I wanted to tell who I am and what I live during my works, because that's exactly what I have been missing in this year.

I used the images of the few safe marriages (including the work entitled LOVE IN THE TIME OF COVID) that despite everything have been lived to the fullest. Romance and fun are the main components of my stories.

In a year that many will probably want to cancel, and others will remind of suffering and loss.

A year in which everything happened and for many destiny seemed to have raged.

Despite this, I prefer to look at it from another point of view, because there is always a different point of view. I believe that being a photographer in a year like this, regardless of being a wedding photographer or a photojournalist, means being a witness with your work of a historical era that will end up in school books. In 10 years we will probably tell our children what happened in 2020 and explain it to them with photos of this crazy year in our hands. Because photographs are the only memory we have and will have.

Best of wedding 2020

I have long thought and thought about how to collect and present my Best of wedding 2020 what I had done this year and I decided to put it together, highlighting the carefree and cheerfulness, because this is how I always try to face life.

Enjoy F.

Best of wedding 2020