Stress-relieving tips for brides-to-be put to the test by a rebel virus. A year like this nobody could have expected or imagined it, much less if you are planning the best day of your life. A day for which we are never ready but which today is even more dominated by uncertainty. Here are some tips that may be useful for dealing with the days leading up to the event.

Organizing a wedding can be even more stressful if there is a pandemic!

First the search for the location, then the choice of dress, the participations to be delivered, a thousand details to coordinate with each other and then a new DPCM forces you to postpone everything ...

It is therefore easy to feel stressed.

When the wedding date is near, the list of things to do still seems endless, accumulating tension and stress that will not help you on that day.

Here are 4 tips to reduce your stress level on your wedding day.

A relaxing bath and a good night's sleep

Consigli antistress per  future spose
Stress-relieving tips for brides-to-be

To better face a day full of emotions like that of your wedding, there is nothing better than taking a relaxing bath.

Release the tension accumulated in the previous days, while listening to music and letting yourself go wrapped in aromas and bath salts.

A relaxing herbal tea based on lime, hawthorn, chamomile and valerian will give you a good night's sleep.

You will come out regenerated and ready to face your big day. But above all you will have a relaxed face, so that in the photo the stress of the previous days will not be perceived and will be just a bad memory.

A rich breakfast

Consigli antistress per future spose
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On the morning of your wedding, treat yourself to a hearty breakfast. Do not think about the lines, the brides are all always beautiful because they are tremendously happy.

A hearty breakfast will give you the right energy to sustain a busy and exciting day. You will probably not be able to eat all the meals of the day, finding yourself at the table directly for dinner.

Leave your cell phone

Consigli antistress per future spose
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Choose a trusted relative, a witness or a bridesmaid to entrust with your cell phone so that they can answer calls from suppliers and last minute doubts for you.

The phone would distract you from the emotions of that day, from sharing the joy with your friends and in the photographs you would always be portrayed in the same position.

You would receive many messages of good wishes, but probably also questions and requests from those who think they have an unsolvable problem that day, underestimating the importance that day has for you.

Delegate various tasks to those closest to you.


Consigli antistress per future spose

Remember that the unexpected is inevitable, but it will still be a great day no matter what. There will be no problem, rain, guests, priest or whatever it takes.

So enjoy it, dance, cry, laugh, because it will be a unique and unrepeatable day.