Pregnant photos will be an important part of the long journey a mother takes with her baby. They are the memory of a magical moment, of intimacy, emotion of a couple, but also the testimony of a body that changes to make room for a new life.

The desire to share the joy of a baby's arrival with family, friends and loved ones starts from the day you discover you are pregnant, and then continues throughout your pregnancy.

Getting ready to welcome the little one in your arms is a unique and indescribable pleasure and having images that document this journey leaves a unique and unrepeatable memory.

Un momento cos√¨ importante merita un’adeguata preparazione. Ecco 5 consigli per affrontarla al meglio:

  • Avoid wearing very loose clothing;
  • Avoid worked clothes, better plain colors and simple clothes;
  • Before the shooting avoid wearing tight underwear to avoid marks on the belly and shoulders;
  • Wear flesh-colored underwear;
  • Make sure your skin is hydrated.

Enjoy F.

foto di gravidanza 9
foto in gravidanza 2
foto in gravidanza 3
foto in gravidanza4
foto in gravidanza 5
foto in gravidanza 6
foto in gravidanza 7
foto in gravidanza 9
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