If I close my eyes and think back to this year, I smile!

The last few years of my life have been characterized by great head shots. The greatest was certainly that of having completed a course of study that lasted 9 years and then abandon it and fully marry what I love. I can confidently say that I am madly in love with my job. I took care of and looked after this business as if it were a child and this year I received several awards that made me proud of having spent so much time and energy in all of this.

It was a year full of satisfactions and emotions. Last March I got my first prize. First classified in the contest Silvia Agus ANFM. I'll never forget that night. If until then I had the doubt and fear of having made a wrong choice, those emotions and not the prize itself have confirmed me that in life I wanted to be a photographer. I got several awards, one of the last was a second place in the contest IWPOTY (International wedding photographer of the year) in the album category, which make me really proud of the work I do every day and make me understand that I still have a long way to go and for which I will not stop working. I have grown a lot from a photographic point of view, letting myself go a little more, putting myself for real in every shot.

In short, this year seemed very long to me, but in reality it was 365 days like every year. I met many new people, I made new friends, I found new friends, I left others behind. I discovered new places, tried new foods, I cried with joy many times, I got excited very often, I took a house all to myself, actually I have two, because I live halfway between two cities. I took many buses, planes and trains. I have experimented, created, tried and discovered many new things. I have traveled a lot! I could not close the budget of a year if not planning a new and great adventure.

Get ready because in 2020 I will have to tell you about a month around a wonderful island.

I'll be back to prepare the suitcase and leave you with the story of this crazy 2019 in the best of the images I took.

A special thanks to the friends who support me and support me every day, to my partner who is my support, to my beloved family and last but not least a big thank you to the spouses who decide to entrust me with their big day and let themselves be carried away by mine madness!

I wish you a happy Christmas! I will send the "happy new year" to you from another continent!