The importance of a photographer's training is underestimated and often not evaluated with due importance by the photographers themselves. It requires financial effort, time and concentration.

Why train?

The importance of training for a photographer

"If you're not growing up, you're dying!" this is what should be repeated every time our business turns another year, wondering if we are actually dedicating ourselves enough to training.

Have you ever calculated how much time you actually spend on training? or how much money do you invest?

Since I started taking wedding photography I have invested a lot in training. Every year I give myself workshops, webinars, portfolio readings, one to one etc ..
I call it a "gift" because it makes me happy like when I unwrap a gift I want and find it under the Christmas tree.

The training makes me feel good, gives me confidence, stimulates me and gives me new ideas.

The importance of training for a photographer

Confronting myself with makes me understand the mistakes, with those who help me to understand which is the right path to take and the most formative there can be.
I know that I can only find this if I hire someone who I believe is up to par and the fact of investing means that I give them the right weight and importance.

Every year I plan how much to invest and on what. Obviously I choose the events that I feel most similar to me, those with photographers that I find interesting or from which I am inspired.

By training I also mean buying books, watching documentaries and not necessarily something related to photography.

The mind must be in constant motion!

The importance of training for a photographer

Furthermore, a wedding photographer must keep up with the times.

This is why I invest so much in the study of social networks or programs aimed at improving my workflow.

"If you are not on social media you do not exist" someone said. And that's why I have a great interest in knowing how they work and how to best use them. Especially because today they are the simplest and fastest channel to communicate with customers.

The importance of training for a photographer

Wedding photographers are entrepreneurs, but they are not born as such, so over time they need to learn many things, for which there are no recognized universities or schools.

Here we become self-taught.
Marketing, personal branding, communication, sales and a lot of photographic training is what our companies are based on.

Those who do not consider investing in these fields do not give themselves the opportunity to grow and if you do not grow up you die!


All photographs in this article are downloaded from Unsplash