"Wedding photographer logo" is what I am sure you googled when you opened your business and you had to find a symbol that would represent you. It is not an easy choice, but certainly the way is easier if you rely on the hands of a professional. You can already see ours at the opening of my site, but how was it born and what does it represent?

What does our new “wedding photographer logo” represent

2020 is a year that we will always remember thanks to a series of not too pleasant events.

It is also a year that has given us a lot of free time.

For those who do our work, a much lighter winter is expected than in recent years.

We will invest this time in studying, in new experiments, in training but above all we will concentrate on renovating, arranging and implementing many projects for our company that we have always postponed due to lack of time.

And here the first came to life.

The new logo, our new logo. Because we want to remember this 2020 as a breath of freshness and novelty.

I waited for September to show it to you because it is the month of beginnings and new things, a bit like "from tomorrow diet and gym".

We have entrusted ourselves to the hands of an artist who is Mariangela Iacobellis, graphic design specializing in illustrations.

Our new logo took shape in a night of silence, research and reflection. Matteo and I on our sofa with a post it and a pencil we put together piece by piece.

To then transfer it to Mariangela who has always kept us updated on the "work in progress".

We immediately liked his works and those made for many of our friends and colleagues. From a video call he was able to interpret our descriptions and our sketch and then deliver the finished work to us a week later.

A soft ribbon that when flying tied to a balloon, a sign of freedom and light-heartedness, gets caught between the thorns of a prickly pear. The thorns, pitfalls and difficulties of our past and future paths. But not only that, they represent the risks of life, sometimes too high, which for us always have a valid reason to be challenged. Because the desire to be free is what makes us happy, like a balloon that flies away.

The prickly pear flowers that turn into succulent fruits are the renewal of our ideas, of new projects that are born within the walls of the house and then become fantastic realities.

Finally, the main subject, the prickly pear symbol of a land that has always been home to Matteo and is a new home for me.

A logo that is not simply a drawing, but a symbol, our symbol.



wedding photographer logo


Bellissimo Fede! In bocca al lupo ad entrambi 🙂

Wooow bellissimo Fede ,I am a logo lover and this is amazing. Well done guys let’s smash next season 🙂🙂